My brother was an incredible, talented artist of many forms of creation. He went by countless names in his lifetime. His art names were Lime Green and Bambu, also known as Bam. His musical name was Murphy Scabs when he created music to voice his creative mind. The name family called him was BU, in which he created a catch phrase, “Be you not me”.

Though he was talented with countless forms of art, he was known for his talents in air brushing. He would airbrush anything and everything he could get his hands on. He airbrushed canvases, walls, banners, backdrops, masks, shirts, sneakers, hats, helmets, motorcycles, buses, and the list goes on.

His most respected & popular demand of creation were his airbrushed shirts. A large amount of people in the city of Bridgeport, CT would go to him to get their shirts costumed made. I would go to events around the city to always see someone wearing a shirt he airbrushed. I could always characterize his creations because he had a uniqueness to his style of art where I could distinguished it was his creations.

At one point, he would always wear clothes with a lot of paint on it, always resembling as if he just finished creating something new from his imagination. One day I asked him, “why do you wear clothes with paint on them”? He said there was no need for him to get dressed in fancy clothes because everyone in the city got dressed for him by wearing his airbrushed creations.

He was always in the lab air brushing new ideas that came to his creative mind.

He portrayed a different reality through his art and music, especially through his canvas creations. They would symbolize knowledge of ancient times and about the vast universe. Every canvas he created has its own unique story but each one were still connected as one.

Before he left this realm, he started to get into creating mask helmets. He was a fast creative learner so in no time, he began creating. One of his inspirations came from me because I was always requesting him to airbrush a mask for me. He came up with an idea to create it all from scratch, straight out of his imagination.

He started off creating mask helmets using paper mâché to then using foam. He would use common house hold items to help his creations come more alive. I remember him using a mop for a lion’s mane and using a gardening glove to create a arm armored piece.

Even though he is no longer physically present in our realm, I will continue to spread his passion for art. The earth will always love his creativity and his imagination for incredible art that touches our soul.

Art attack the world